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Our Philosophy

Bonetati & Soble, Inc. effectively evaluates claims to resolve them in the most expeditious manner.  However, when early resolution cannot occur, we will take a case to trial, when necessary, in the most cost effective manner.  Bonetati & Soble, Inc. has the necessary experience to effectively litigate cases.

a. Initial Investigation and Status Reporting

It is essential to immediately commence an investigation of facts and analyze how those facts apply to relevant law.  This is followed by immediately providing an initial evaluation report in a timely manner.  The initial report will seek to obtain all relevant information so that we may assist in an early evaluation of the claim.  The report will contain recommendations for resolution prior to active litigation whenever possible.  Status reports are then provided upon the occurrence of any significant event that affects the litigation strategy or budget.  Frequent status reports provide the necessary communication, in addition to prompt telephone reports, to analyze the information learned and the effects any new facts will have on the outcome of the case.

b. Defense Coordination with Claims Professional

Whenever a claim cannot be favorably settled, an efficient and effective litigation process must be implemented.  The initial step is to assign all litigation to a supervising attorney who is experienced in the primary specialty areas with the specific lawsuit at a senior level consistent with the complexity of the litigation.  We employ experienced attorneys to reduce the necessity of legal research whenever possible.  The supervising attorney works with the claims professional as a team to form a litigation strategy to protect the insured in a cost efficient manner.

c. Preparation of Budget Based on Agreed Strategy

We provide cost estimates and litigation budgets.  Most significantly, we recognize that litigation budgets fluctuate throughout the litigation process.  In recognition of this fact, we continually evaluate our estimates and budgets and their accuracy on a case-by-case basis.  If new facts arise such that the initial budget should be revised, we work as a team with the claims professional to seek an agreement if there is a need to deviate from the original budget.

d. Negotiations and Settlement

We attempt to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) whenever possible, including settlement conferences, mediations and arbitrations.  We notify the claims professional of all settlement demands immediately and in writing.  We prepare timely settlement evaluation reports prior to any settlement conference in order to properly attend the conference in a prepared manner

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